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TalkMondo – the translating social hub for globetrotters! Expanding your international social network while opening up your world turning language barriers to ashes.


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Make Connections


Communicate and create bonds with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Talk into the mic in your native tongue and your buddy will hear it in their native tongue on the other end!


TalkMondo burns down language barriers and brings people together across borders.
Whether you travel for business or if traveling is just what you do, see how many people
you meet across the globe who share your interests.


TalkMondo makes it okay if you don’t speak the same language! We’ve made that irrelevant
and at the same time you can learn the language of your buddies! Or just record your
voice or type what you want to say and get instant translations.


Pick your buddy and start a multilingual conversation


Start a real-time bilingual



Social or professional. Local or international. Communicate across borders. Connect with people from all over!


Let us do the work! We connect you to people who are into the same things as you from business to sports to current events and more!

Group Connect

Chat with several people at the same time by text or speech. You don’t have to speak the same languages. You will hear it in your own.

Talk to Text

Skip the typing and let the mic do the work for you. Dictate your message and it will be translated on the other end! 

Learn a new language

Receive your messages in any language. Your 2Talk tab can help you learn a new language or practice a language you already know!

Chat History

Your privacy is our priority! You can choose to save your chat history or not. Your account. Your CHOICE. Subscription based.

Multi-lingual Messaging

Have your outgoing and incoming translated messages sent directly to your text messages on a trial subscription basis!


Prepare for your trip by creating, saving, and downloading your most needed travel phrases while globetrotting.

International App

We are an international company made up of a diverse set of people. We created TalkMondo because we too are globetrotters.

Face-to-Face conversation

Coming soon! Get to know your buddies better from the comfort of your home or office with video chat.

Experience TalkMondo Now!


TalkMondo is accessible via
Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Windows

Why People Love TalkMondo


You can start talking to people and become part of the community immediately! First things first, find buddies with similar interests to add to your list! Click the add buddy icon, select the interests that you want to connect with other people on, click add buddies, check the box on the left of the name that you want to add to your list, and click add buddies. And you’re all set! Go back to your home screen and select the buddy you want to start chatting with.

Absolutely! Create or join a group of people at the same time to chat: by text or speech. Members of your group(s) don’t have to speak the same language, but you will hear it in your own. Send and receive messages in multinational chat rooms. You can also have your messages sent directly to your text messages on a trial subscription basis

You can either type a message to your buddy using the 2Talk tab or you can click on the microphone icon and dictate your message. Dictate your message and it will be translated on the other end! Your friends in your “buddies” network will hear it or read it in their own language.

You privacy is our priority! Your messages will be queued. When you login again you can read all of the messages that were sent to you when you weren’t online. From there you can choose to save your chat history or not. Your account. Your choice.
Just click on the Forgot Password button in the login screen. Then check your email for instructions to retrieve your password.
With your 2Talk tab, learn a new language or practice a language you already know! 2Talk can be used to translate your voice or a typed message in real time. If you want to type a message (e.g. from a menu item) simply click on the message icon and type the message you want translated. If you want to dictate a message to be translated, click on the microphone icon, speak the phrase you want translated, and click the stop icon to finalize the message. Talkmondo will verbally translate the message you sent it! Change the incoming (from you) and outgoing (to you) languages by tapping the corresponding flag. The language menu will pop up, so you can select your desired language.

On your mobile app, tap Add Buddies found in the menu on the bottom of the screen and tap Invite Contacts and follow the steps.

On your desktop device, click on the Menu button on the upper right of the homepage and click Import Contacts and follow the directions.

You can:

  • Receive your TalkMondo messages directly as text messages
  • Save your chat history in a private file

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